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Please see my work history or my resume for a summary of my career.

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  • Compartment segregation by pixel characterization using image data clustering (8,655,037), February 2014 co-inventor, assignee: HistoRx, Inc.
  • Automatic exposure time selection for imaging tissue (8,878,983), November 2014, co-inventor, assignee: HistoRx, Inc.
  • Smart card data transaction system and methods for providing high levels of storage and transmission security (7,380,125), May 2008, co-inventor, assignee: IBM.


  • Development of an unsupervised pixel-based clustering algorithm for compartmentalization of immunohistochemical expression using Automated QUantitative Analysis. July 2009.
  • Standardization of HER2 immunohistochemistry in breast cancer by automated quantitative analysis. September 2009.
  • Mathematics Masters Thesis: Using Matlab to derive a Numerical Solution of a Variational Problem in Plasticity.