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Just Smile and Nod

On April 16, 2008, Posted by , In Random, With No Comments

I had the unfortunate experience – as many do – of being at the receiving end of a strangely enraged driver. The incident merely entailed an interchange of ideas: him with frantic arm gestures signaling his superiority and me with a peace sign and a smile. Yet, irrespective of fault,…

It’s an Anime World (アニメの世界だ)

On March 29, 2008, Posted by , In Random, By , With 1 Comment

I am in the process of watching an anime series with a typical plot: a 17 year-old girl is turned into an “ultimate weapon” (最終兵器) and thus must rectify the two worlds in which she lives all while trying to understand love. Neither this plot nor anime in general are…

1337 n1nj4 sK1llz

On March 16, 2008, Posted by , In Random, With No Comments

Friday was both PI day and test day for my Kenpo black belt. The test was not so much technically challenging as it was physically exhausting. Towards the end it was all I could do to stop myself from passing out cold and/or retching. I felt myself wishing to put…

The Nature of Time

On March 5, 2008, Posted by , In Random, By , With No Comments

I have, on occasion, pondered the nature of time. In my latest insane delusions, I have begun to question its existence as an actual physicality. Perhaps time is a perception and convenient way of tracking of some other phenomenon. Only energy and incident reactions dictate the doings of the physical…

Virtual Box

On March 4, 2008, Posted by , In Random, With No Comments

Virtual Box is a machine virtualization software application similar to VMware but, at least for end-users, wonderfully superior. I have done some pretty stupid (i.e., l337) things with VMware and it had a tendency to respond with annoying quirks here and there. I have no such problems with Virtual Box….

Number One, Make It Happen

On February 21, 2008, Posted by , In Random, With No Comments

“Why does the Star Treck man watch you pee?” was a completely appropriate question posed by the wife of a co-worker. She had just returned from utilizing the office bathroom for the first time where she noticed a life-size cut-out of Captain Pickard over-looking her progress. The other bathroom has…


On October 3, 2007, Posted by , In Random, With No Comments

The Brotherhood of the Two Dragons (the stage name of my martial arts performing group) took a trip to the Wicked Labyrinth ( this past Saturday morning. Since John insisted on still having one class that day, we arrived with just enough time to warm up for our first show…

I Shall Summon My Ice Dragon

On July 24, 2007, Posted by , In Random, By ,,,, , With No Comments

The Renaissance Faire and my run as a member of the Brotherhood of the Two Dragons has finally ended. Oh the wonders I have seen. We were seemingly well liked by all and too much by some. There was the 12 year old whose costume consisted of a bed sheet…