Pottery – Misc Pieces from Summer 2013

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Pottery – Misc Pieces from Summer 2013

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Narrow-Top Vase w/”Japanese” Craving

The piece was thrown from white clay then covered entirely in blue slip followed by porcelain slip. The carving was done by making quick strokes of varying depth with a wooden coffee stirrer.
Glaze is a moderate spray of Chinese Clear.

Wine Cup w/”Japanese” Carving

These cups were made the same way as the preceding vase except that green slip was used as the middle layer.
Glossy White poured inside.
Celedon very light spray outside.

Small Vase w/Purple-Blue Gradient

White clay.
Glossy White poured inside.
Cushing Matt sprayed from bottom up to shoulder.
Purple-Purple sprayed heavily on upper region.
Glossy White sprayed over 100% of outside.

Shallow Bowl w/Drizzled Glaze

The patterning did not come out as strong as I would have liked.
Thrown from brown clay.
Dipped 100% in Glossy Black.
Drizzled wax over base glaze.
Black Gold Base sprayed on inside.
Drizzled some other glaze on top (don’t remember which) for layered effect.

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