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Ecuador – Quito

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Uh-oh Sarah is sick, maybe with a flu. She is the trip guide so if she is out then fun may not happen as easily. I will need to entertain myself for a few hours tomorrow before we leave for Baños. Hopefully I won’t get into trouble. 

Quito is not like any city I have visited. In typical Latin American fashion there are central plazas where the locals congregate. What’s surprising to me is that there is always something going on: Christian evangelists, painful musical acts, cocked magicians, etc.. 
(This picture has nothing to do with the plaza. It’s just pretty.)
Taking advantage of the congregations are uncountably infinite street vendors. Each specializes in only one thing. The vast majority are hawking ice cream or other confections. From there the weirdness level ratchets up. Man selling only clothes pins? I guess I can see that. Doggie sweaters and harnesses? Not too bad except the sweaters are costumes. Woman offering around-the-neck doll harnesses modeled by a doll around her own neck complete with strange facial tattoos? I’m not sure… At least TWO guys selling hand-held dogs? Actual dogs. 
Physical store fronts seemed to only sell either raw cooking materials or piñatas and toys. Not sure how that works. 
What we have seen of the city thus far is beautiful. It being Sunday makes it hard to see everything, however. Stupid sabbath. A surprising treat is the good quality of the museums here. We even had free English guides. 
We found these statues in a high quality gift shop. Unfortunately my picture of the best one was blurred. 

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