Ecuador – Galapagos to Quito

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Ecuador – Galapagos to Quito

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One last, 2 hour, 5 am water taxi and we are back on the main (most inhabited) island of the Galapagos. Nothing too exciting today, just nominal tourist stuff: shopping, eating, hitting a beach. The beach was the reward after tough, 40 minute hike. At this point we are tired from salt and sand so only stay long enough to feel the super-fine sand between our toes. They provide brushes at the exit – trick!

I almost forgot that Sarah got her sunglasses back. We randomly encountered the taxi in which she left them. This was after the 2 hour water taxi, breakfast, and a stroll through town. He saw us and stopped. I assume he normally spends his time on the 1 hour drive to the airport. So this was an almost impossible occurrence. The sunglasses had lipstick on them. I can imagine a great adventure they had. 
Next is a full day of travel: 1 hour taxi ride, short water taxi, and 2 flights to Quito. All I’ve seen of the city so far makes me think of it as a Spanish New York City if all the buildings were constructed in the 1600’s. There is no place to put infrastructure in the walls. The age of a building can be read from the cobwebs of electrical wiring snaking around and through it. 
The taxi ride here was intense. I think our driver was on cocaine – the way he couldn’t sit still and got angry at the intense traffic. The ride wound down into and then back out of a massive valley with buildings barnacles on the cliffs. It is hard to relate the scale of the mountainous sprawl. 
There is a fast food chain in Ecuador that sells black beans and rice. Peep this logo. Think they would need to rebrand to expand into the US. 

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