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Yavin 4 = Tikal

On December 25, 2010, Posted by , In Travel, By , , With No Comments

This morning while watching Star Wars, Episode 4, I noticed the skyline of Yavin 4 – the rebel base from which was launched the final attack on the Death Star – was familiar. It is a view from the top of one of the stepped pyramids at Tikal in Guatemala….

Fear begets subjection

On December 6, 2010, Posted by , In Op-Ed, By ,, , With No Comments

In Dune Frank Herbert wrote, “fear is the mind killer.” Humans are designed to fear; it is a good evolutionary trait that kept us alive and away from velociraptors. However, it is reactionary and comes with the cost of loss of prescience. I would go so far at to surmise…

What I learned today

On December 3, 2010, Posted by , In whatilearned, By , With No Comments

When typing in a bash shell, one can fix typos on a previous line with the ^ symbol. For example, “^wong^wang” will replace “wong” with “wang” in the last command and re-execute it. That’s amazing!–symbol heh…wang.