Belize Day 6

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Belize Day 6

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The lesson of the day is: if you have the choice of driving or hiking up hill for one mile in 100% humidity you drive. We visited a smaller ruin today. Compared to Tical it is diminutive. Notably, the main temple had a fully restored frieze which was rather nice to see. Additionally, we rode a hand-crank ferry across a river to get to it. I felt verily like a hobbit leaving the shire for the first time.

I neglected to mention yesterday’s dinner experience. The food itself was Indonesian and the best curry I have ever eaten. However, it was the accidental entertainment that decorated the evening. Constant cackling of a very drunk Canadian woman was punctuated but he aging mother back somersaulting down 10 steps while exiting the restaurant. It would not have been entertaining of the woman was hurt. Lucky for her she had been drinking and was quite relaxed.

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