Belize Day 5

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Belize Day 5

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The half-way point.

More excellent food from the Howler Monkey Lodge. This mornings johnny cakes lasted well past just breakfast and became cashew fruit laden snacks a day hence.

The Howler Monkey Lodge is part of a cooperative of farmers dedicated to reducing environmental impact and practicing sutainable farming. The have a nature center and a series of trails in the area which we visited today. The best kernel of knowldge gained was “monkey bridges.” They are simple ladders strung hoizontally across gaps in the forest allowing for monkey movement. They do not swing from them, but instead walk across!

Completing that, we made our way West. The first stop was the Belize zoo. Normally I detest zoos as they seem to demonstrate conservation at its worst. This, however, is an exception. All the animals there cannot live for themselves in the wild and reside comfortably in beautiful habtitats. Some are even free to come and go as they please.

Thick curtains of rain escorted us further West. At a gift shop along the way we had a wonderful converstaion with the owner. Raised by hippies in some middle state os the US he was expatriated to Belize at a yoing age and has been here ever since. Most of the beautiful woodwork in his shop is of his own fashioning. His attitude towards life was most refreshing, and his coffee was exceptional and served with condensed milk. A good combination.

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