Belize Day 4

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Belize Day 4

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For the most part, I feel this is verily a country in which I could live. Most importantly, there is a general friendliness exuded by the peoples here that seems quite genuine. Secondly, everyone seems quite happy to live in harmony with each other despite any racial, ethnic, or other difference. Lastly, while there is plenty of dirtiness, there seems to be a general movement towards reuse and sustainability.

One notable exception to this is a village we visited today. The majority of the locals seemed to admonish our presence and no places to purchase local goods were labeled or at all findable. This feeling was confirmed by one random local inhabitant who invited us onto his land. He offered us some cashew wine moonshine from a bucket in his shack, gave us free papaya, and encouraged us to stop by again if we ever “needed anything”. We chatted for some time about this an that in a very genuine experience. We walked away with a liter of the wine in a reused water bottle — sketchy to be sure, given his repeated assurances that everything was clean. Note that this has not stopped me from drinking it.

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