Costa Rica Day 4

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Costa Rica Day 4

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The tour today centered around Cano island. The weather was much calmer but butts were still sore and chaffed from the days prior.

We had two snorkeling sessions amoung the reefs that surround the island. Supposedly, the under water sights are not as grand as at other locales in the world, but they impressed me given this was my first open water snorkeling. The beach on the island was blase and purely a tourist destination. The only animals living full-time on the island are crabs, lizards, snakes and birds.

The food here is not as good as the food in Peru; it seems less organic and more forced. This lodge grows much of its own vegetables, so its not that the food is not fresh. I suppose it could be that it appears more civilized than I would like. This lodge is, after all, more hotel-like than not.

Finally, many of the people here seem genuinely entertained by the wildlife. Our boat pilots, for example, were taking pictures of the whales we saw despite probably having seen them numerous times already, and the lodge employees hardly miss the opportunity to smile at the monkeys thiefing bananas. I would have expected the continued exposure would jade people and am glad it does not.

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