Costa Rica Day 3

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Costa Rica Day 3

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Today began at the ungodly hour of 5:30 after a full night of what one would expect a good rain forest storm to be like. We had only time to scarf some fruit and coffee before being rushed to the boat for the start of our tour. Over one hour of white knuckle motor boating through the chop of a rain storm was required to reach our destination. Devine providence was with us and sunshine broke as we breached the shore.

This was the start of Sarah’s unhappy day. Sarah gets motion sickness. While able to brave the hardest parts of the trip, she fell victum to near-shore rocking and lost what little of breakfast she had consumed. To compound the misery, her hiking shoes and socks were well licked by the tide.

Our monkey luck from Peru continued here allowing us to experience 4 monkey species in the first 20 minutes of the hike (howler, spider, squirrel, and white faced-capuchin). Overall, our guide was lacking in the plant and insect department and rather gruff, but he did manage to find a sleeping tapir – much larger than expected. He found a dead tapir too, being eating by vultures.

Speaking of monkeys, there are a family of white-faced capuchin that frequent the lodge. They are the only species of monkey here willing to come close to humans. Today, one was trying to steal bananas from the kitchen and later two were monkeying around with the lodge dog who likes to keep them in line.

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