Costa Rica Day 2

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Costa Rica Day 2

On August 9, 2008, Posted by , In Travel, By ,, , With 1 Comment

Our great travel agent Sarah had planned for us to travel all day today via car to our departure point for the rain forest. Aside from getting pulled over and the 2 hours of dirt roads, the majority of the 6 hours journey was uneventful.

The last of three cars to be pulled over, a gaggle of six police officers were claming that we had been doing 100 kph. No es verdad we told them, we were doing 80. Or best guess is that they were trying to chump us out of some cash. Luckily, they let us go on our way. Either they have leniency for tourists, or felt that their scheme had been thwarted.

The dirt roads were fabulous. During its course, it carried from as wide as about 20m to as narrow as just bigger than our car. At the widest expanses, anything goes. Traffic in both directions constantly battled for the more agreable path with no headence for lanes of any sort. The narrowest expanses where temprary bridges they set up next to ongoing construction. These passes where sketchy at best mostly comprised of shifting metal plates and sticks. But what great fun the dirt road was.

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