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More Humid Adventures

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During our stay, most of the other tourist visiting the lodge were older Americans — older as in 60+. Our guide told us of one 90 year-old individual who wished above all else to go on the canopy walk. The normally 40 minute hike out there took him 4 hours. And, although he managed to get through all 500 m of the canopy walk he was unable to return to the lodge. The guide had to run back and return with a hammock and help to carry the gentleman back. On a humorous note, one member of a tour group sounded exactly like the sketchy old man constantly on the prowl to spy Chris’s birthday suit from The Family Guy.

Each of the lodges had different pets. At ours, there were several parrots. Half of them were nice and half were brats — especially the macaws. One of the green parrots befriended us and would let us carry him/her around on our fingers or shoulders. He/she would occasionally refuse to get off of the ride. On another occasion, I saved a different green parrot from being attacked by one of the more grumpy macaws. And Sarah was bit twice. Once out of spite and once because our friend was desiring some of the many crackers we would feed him/her.

In the waters of the Amazon swim two types of dolphins: small grey and pink. Both are very hard to see and harder to photograph.

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