Of Reeds and Smog

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Of Reeds and Smog

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The reed islands were very, very cool. They are so very unique. After all, who would normally think ¨Hey, let´s build an entire village comprising of 80 floating islands.¨ (In their defense, they were fleeing from some sort of opression). Not only that, but the islands used to be farther away. The locals moved closer to shore 25 years ago so they could benefit from tourism. The islands had some strange duality shit happening too. While the whole scene appears at first to be very 1600´s (or earlier), you then notice a TV peaking out from a hut. They have solar panels to power some basic devices. There is even a public phone on the island that has a hotel. (Mind you, the hotel is a series of huts).

Lake Titicokka is pretty neat for a lake. A blanket of sharply green algea covers large expanses. It is so think that is appears as if the local water foul could simply walk a top it. The fish from the lake is super tasty as well. Hopefully eating it will not give me some evil disease.

If the food does not kill me, the pollution might. There is certainly something to be said for emissions regulations. There is most obviously nothing of that sort here. Cars, buses, and trucks a-like are likely as not to spew a think cloud of posion that darkens both sky and lung. I try to hold my breath as they pass but then I get light headed because I am not getting enough oxygen (high altitude).

Sarah and I are feeling slightly run down. Hopefully we can hold off the impending illness that seems inevitable. The most exciting part of the trip is yet to come. Tomorrow we leave for the North, and the rain forest.

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