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Estoy muy cansado

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Alive and well, I speak from Peru — Cuzco to be exact. Cuzco is 10k feet above sea level. Not only is walking about vigourouly tiring, but the altidude sickness really takes a toll.

Overall, Peruvians are not as humourously entertaining as the Greek. There is no over abundance of tight pants and large hair. But, once again, we have to put our poop rags in the trash. Go USA toilet power!

Day 1: We arrived in Lima in the evening. Dinner was scavanged across the street from our hotel and consisted of local delicacies. Firstly, there was cerviche — fish cooked only via its interactions with citrus. Following we have yua and papas con queso, both muy deliciosos. Then I discovered that Nintendo are cocks and while every other voltage adapter I own auto switches 110/220 volts the DS’s does not. Fuck the man I bought an adapter at the Lima equivalent of Walmart.

Day 2: We wandered almost aimlessly around Lima, and we finished it on one day. Think of it as a shareware video game where the goal is to avoid ruleless traffic and smog, and attempt to find interesting activities. We made the best of our time by splitting a bottle of Chilean wine and passing out.

Day 3: Today started at the unsightly hour of 3:45 in order to catch our 6 am flight to Cuzco. Speaking of transportation, Peruvians have a nasty habit of cancelling your reservations if you do not confirm. Our current hotel hostess says that is beacuse they enjoy dicking people over. There are llama and people dressed funny here. If you give them a dollar the will let you take their picture. That’s, like, their job.

Weariness is taking ahold of me. Tomorrow will involve seeing sights and what not — old Incan things. The Incan flag is a rainbow which supposedly people continually confuse with gay pride. There is one painting with an Incan sun over a rainbow. Gaaaaay.

Oh, Peruvian airports like to hit you hard in the bum. They charge you fees to use their airport in addition to what is charged on the ticket. They enjoy extorting people, and making them look at their poop wipings.

— Chow

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